Burning Buddha Clothing Co Affiliate Program

Burning Buddha Clothing Co Affiliate Program

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Join the Burning Buddha Clothing Company Affiliate Program today! If you have a social media following, a blog or just really good at pushing a brand with your Dope Vibes and are looking to earn extra income, then this program could be for you.

We Offer:

  • 10% Profit From Sales You Refer
  • 20% Discount on our products
  • 60 Day Cookie  Duration

How It Works:

1. Sign up for the BBCC Affiliate Program

2. Receive a welcome email containing BBCC Affiliate Portal link

3. Complete Affiliate Registration

4. Start Earning!! Using your custom Affiliate Link & Coupon Code. 

As An Affiliate You'll also be provided with access to our product image library and receive tips on how to promote our brand to generate sales through blogs, websites and social media.

Affiliate Terms & Conditions


About Burning Buddha Clothing Company

Burning Buddha Clothing is more then a T-shirt and apparel shop. It’s a brand backed by a belief in both SELF AWARENESS and SELF EXPRESSION. We believe each and every person has their own GIFTS and PASSIONS that should burn BRIGHT.

BURNING BUDDHA is inspired by Thick Quang Duc a Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist Monk who burned himself to death at a Saigon intersection in 1963 in protest to the South Vietnamese government. Duc’s PASSIONATE act brought worldwide attention to his cause and lead many others to join the cause.

No photo in history has generated as much emotion as this one and serves as a reminder to IGNITE YOUR PASSION, because the world is watching.