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About Burning Buddha Clothing Co.

About Burning Buddha Clothing Co.

Ignite Your Passion.

At Burning Buddha Clothing Co., our clothing is created with stories of resilience, creativity, and the fire of self-discovery. Founded by Joseph Haley, a visionary driven by a kaleidoscope of experiences, Burning Buddha isn't just a brand—it's a beacon for the spirited, the bold, and the relentless pursuers of self-expression.

A Spark in the Shadows

Our story began in the aftermath of personal upheaval. In 2017, Joseph, sitting in a moment of introspection, amidst the echoes of a lives he once knew, found clarity in the memory of an image seared into his mind since childhood: Thich Quang Duc, the monk who became a flame. In his ultimate act of sacrifice, Duc ignited a global conversation, his serene composure amidst the inferno a profound symbol of protest and peace.

The Legacy of a Monk

Inspired by Duc's unwavering commitment to his cause, Burning Buddha Clothing Co. was born. Our ethos, "Ignite Your Passion," is an homage to the belief that each of us carries a flame within—a passion that, when unleashed, can illuminate the darkest paths and warm the coldest hearts. Joseph's journey from the depths of reflection to the heights of creation is the soul of our brand, embodied in every piece we craft.

Self-Awareness, Self-Expression, Self-Actualization

We stand for more than just fashion. Each garment is a canvas for our values: self-awareness, self-expression, and self-actualization. It’s our belief that every individual holds a unique gift within that should blaze brightly. Our designs are conversations, our collections are stories, and our clothes are invitations to join a movement of mindful authenticity.

A Clan for the Creative

Burning Buddha isn't for everyone – and that's the point. We vibe with the vibrant, the ones who don't just fit in but stand proud. If you're about chasing what's real, making a statement, and owning your space, then you're one of us.

A Community Ablaze

Burning Buddha is more than a clothing line—it's a community. It's a space for those who stand out, who defy norms, and who dare to wear their truth. We are for the unbranded souls looking to make their mark, for the dreamers weaving their narratives into the fabric of the world.

Join the Movement

We invite you to join the Burning Buddha family. Wear Burning Buddha as an expression of your identity, a celebration of your journey, and a testament to your passion. Let's set the world blaze with the stories create and the lives we live.

Find your fire. Dress your spirit. Ignite your passion.

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