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Crypto & NFT Education

  Welcome to the Burning Buddha Crypto & NFT Education page. Here you will find videos I believe will be helpful in navigating the world of Crypto Currency & NFTs.

I know this can all be a bit foreign and easily overwhelming, but I liken this new era of life as (well for us older folks) a time in the 1990's when something called the internet was introduced to the world. Initially most people thought it was a cool piece of technology where you can read text on forums, but they could live without. Simply because none of us really knew the vast capabilities and impact the internet would have on the world some 30 years later.

Think about it, we can have groceries delivered to our door step without leaving our couch - we can live video chat with friends and family who are located on other sides of the world - we can even binge watch entire seasons of shows on streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Now Imagine explaining to a younger you or your parents back in 1994 these things we now do, as part of our everyday life. It is unfathomable.. back in a time where a phone was used for 1 thing only - making phone calls, and they didn't fit in your pocket!  

With that said, it is my opinion that we are in a time where just like with the internet, our world is going to change in ways no one can imagine. And it all starts here with Crypto and NFTs. I have compiled this library of resources to help you learn what it's all about. Make sure to come back for continuing education as I will continue to add to the library.


 Ready to dive in? 

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